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Download Moove MP3 Player Application for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Posted by Mobile Geek on
Monday, April 5, 2010


Moove MP3 Player is a music app for Symbian S60 5th edition based touch screen mobile Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. The application lets you control “Moove” MP3 shuffler without touching your mobile! You need to simply place your hand over the mobile and let the music begin!

You can place your hand over the mobile again to Pause. A hand gesture above the mobile will skip to the next song… wave again and skip to the next, and to the next... Pretty Simple! The application does not work with other S60 mobiles such as Nokia 5530 or Nokia N97. If you have any of these models, then you can skip this post. It will work only with Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

To add new tracks to playlist - press the sync icon on the player. Pressing the lock icon turns off the screen and locks the phone. To unlock press the keyguard switch on the side of your phone. Moove automatically searches the files in music and sound directories on your phone. The following video shows this app in action.

The application works in full screen (360x640) landscape only mode. Moove MP3 Player app is developed by eyeSight. You can download the version 1.4.3 of this app from the following download link.

Moove MP3 Player Application for Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (4.4 MB)
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  1. sujeet says

    please add a list progra in it to search music files
    otherwise a near perfect software :) :) :)

    yashali says

    it is not gettin instald in my 5800...!!
    Plz help!!!
    My fone says dat d file typ isnt suportd...

    Mobile Geek says

    Hi Yashli,
    Are you sending the .RAR file to your mobile?

    Extract the .RAR file and send the .SIS file to your mobile. After extracting you will see a file named Moove_1-04-3_Nokia_5800.SIS. This file should install without any problem. Hope that solves your problem.

    Santo says

    Is there any similar application for Nokia 5530? I tried this application and it said not compatible.

    Mobile Geek says

    Hi Santo, If i get to know something similar for Nokia 5530, then i will sure post that here. Meanwhile you can download other apps for your Nokia 5530 and keep visiting here.

    A says

    it get installed working but i cant hear any thing?

    Robert says

    Useless app, the camera stays on while the screen does
    (max 1 min) and then turns on at the end of the song for about 4 sec so forget about the pause/play control, use next control to often and you will soon be looking for a new phone, to prevent that you will have to chose songs carefully leaving in memory only those that you really like so you wouldn't need to the use the app all the time.
    There are no settings. It has a nice effect on people around though
    Has a nice effect on people around though.

    Ricardo says

    I want a music player that we can choose music's by folders. Who can help me??? 5800 xpress music

    Mobile Geek says

    Try Power MP3, if it solves your problem.

    vicky says

    it don't get played when i place my hand over the front camera nor the track gets changed when i move my hand over it

    Nonu says

    Hey.......I really need any app which plays *.lrc(lyrics) file.....i've tried lcg jukebox.....but its jus trial n da crack doesn't work...

    Nonu says

    Hey i need ny app which support .lrc(lyrics) format files.....i've tried lcg jukebox but its nt free app..........n da crack isn't workin........!!!!
    For Nokia 5800..............plz jus mail it to me or sen me da link.......

    ajay142 says

    frnd plz send me.my mail id is

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